Here’s what you need to know…

  1. The nutrition you consume around your workout can greatly increase your rate of progress.
  2. Pre-workout and intra-workout nutrition is more important that post-workout nutrition.
  3. By ingesting protein before and during a workout, you spare muscle protein, negate protein degradation, and set the muscle up for regeneration and remodeling.
  4. If intra-workout insulin is low, glucagon robs muscles of amino acids so it can convert them to glucose. Low insulin makes it possible for catabolic hormones to “steal” your gains.
  5. Muscles need carbs to do work, but they also need protein. During a workout, amino acid requirements go up 500%.
  6. Loading protein and carbs before and again during the workout also leads to fat oxidation that continues long after the workout.
  7. Post-workout nutrition is still important, but it needs pre-workout and intra-workout nutrition in order for it to succeed.