While you may already have your go-to protein smoothie recipes and shaker bottles, is protein powder really all that’s necessary when it comes to maximizing workout performance as well as recovery? Here at Ultimate Sports Nutrition, your source for discount supplements online, we want to help you achieve your goals at the most efficient rate possible. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the things you should be consuming pre and post workout.

Carbohydrates: We suggest these be found in your pre and post workout supplements, especially if you’re exercising for more than an hour. Carbohydrates work to provide fuel to your muscles and is stored as glycogen, which helps combat fatigue and that “hitting the wall” feeling. Don’t reach for a big bowl of pasta, though! You need a supplement that has carbs in it.

Caffeine: Caffeine should be consumed pre-workout so that you can make your workout session easier and feel more effortless. When you consume a moderate intake of caffeine about an hour before your exercise session or activity, it will work to increase you endurance. Just make sure you check the caffeine amount on your supplement label! Too much can be dangerous and too little will leave you feeling like you need more.

Vitamin C: We suggest consuming this in supplement form both before and after your workout. Vitamin C is essential in helping your body handle stress, whether from a strenuous workout or environmental factors. Plus, it may even help you from developing wheezing or coughing before or after your exercise.