1. Five Outdoor Workouts for Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, and everyone wants to be outside while the weather is so great. Playing outdoors doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. While sticking to the gym should be your main goal, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can do that will keep you on track while having your fun in the sun. In this blog, we will look at five great outdoor workouts for s…Read More

  2. The Three Phases of Your Workout

    When considering your nutritional needs in relation to your workout routine, there are three distinct phases to keep in mind. In this blog, we will take a brief look at those phases. Pre-workout Before you get started, your body needs to stock up on the fuel that it will use during your training. This is why you should be eating properly throughout the day, to ensure that your body is ready when i…Read More

  3. More Essential Supplement Ingredients For Your Workout

    In our last blog we began talking about three of the most essential workout supplement ingredients you need if you're looking to maximize your performance and recovery. We aren't only interested in selling discount supplements, we're also interested in educating our customers on best pre and post workout practices and supplement ingredients. Today we're back with 3 more supplement ingredients you …Read More

  4. 3 Fundamental Pre And Post Workout Ingredients

    While you may already have your go-to protein smoothie recipes and shaker bottles, is protein powder really all that's necessary when it comes to maximizing workout performance as well as recovery? Here at Ultimate Sports Nutrition, your source for discount supplements online, we want to help you achieve your goals at the most efficient rate possible. Today we're going to take a look at some of th…Read More

  5. Fat Loss

    Use resistance training as the cornerstone of your fat loss programming as opposed to steady-state low intensity exercise. Work every muscle group hard, frequently, and with an intensity that creates a massive metabolic disturbance that leaves the metabolism elevated for several hours post-workout. That means doing full-body workouts in a superset, tri-set, barbell or kettlebell complex, or circui…Read More

  6. Is Post-Workout Nutrition Dead?

    1. The nutrition you consume around your workout can greatly increase your rate of progress. 2. Pre-workout and intra-workout nutrition is more important that post-workout nutrition. 3.By ingesting protein before and during a workout, you spare muscle protein, negate protein degradation, and set the muscle up for regeneration and remodeling. 4. If intra-workout insulin is low, glucagon robs muscle…Read More

  7. IsoPrime is back in stock in Frisco!

    We apologize for the long delays we have had getting the best tasting isolate protein back in the Frisco store.  But it has arrived and we have a ton of it!…Read More

  8. Nutrient Timing?

    Eager gym-goers and researchers have also wondered about another nutrient-timing concept: if there’s a “best time” to eat. For years, most nutrition experts told people to eat more of their calories and carbs at breakfast, and to keep calories — and especially carbs — lower at night. Then, all of a sudden, some newfangled experts began recommending the opposite, telling us to eat the maj…Read More

  9. BSN Isolate Syntha-6 Strawberry 7 svg

    SYNTHA-6™ ISOLATE is BSN®’s latest ultra-premium protein powder, made with 100% isolate protein sources. A 50/50 blend of whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate (a high-quality source of slow-digesting casein), the formula’s unique ISOLAST™ protein matrix delivers a mix of fast- and slow-release proteins that promotes a moderately-paced release of amino acids to fuel active muscles…Read More

  10. Super Mass Gainer

    New Delicious Formula! Build Mass and Muscle like never before! Gaining lean muscle is harder for some than others. So-called “hard gainers” have faster metabolisms, smaller appetites, and are “on the go” making it difficult to get the added calories and protein needed for muscle growth. Dymatize’s Super Mass Gainer solves your calorie, protein, and convenience needs with a delicious for…Read More