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Since 2002, Ultimate Sport Nutrition has been the source for nutritional supplements, vitamins, fat burners, muscle builders and more at the lowest prices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!
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USN McKinney and USN Allen are no longer associated with Ultimate Sport Nutrition.  They are not authorized to represent or conduct any business under the USN name.  Please visit one of our other local stores to receive the service and selection you have come to know from Ultimate Sport Nutrition.

Is Post-Workout nutrition dead?

Here’s what you need to know… The nutrition you consume around your workout can greatly increase your rate of progress. Pre-workout and intra-workout nutrition is more important that post-workout nutrition. By ingesting protein before and during a workout,...

IsoPrime is back in stock in Frisco!

We apologize for the long delays we have had getting the best tasting isolate protein back in the Frisco store.  But it has arrived and we have a ton of it!

Nutrient Timing?

Eager gym-goers and researchers have also wondered about another nutrient-timing concept: if there’s a “best time” to eat. For years, most nutrition experts told people to eat more of their calories and carbs at breakfast, and to keep calories — and especially carbs —...
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